Delphi 7 no longer works correctly

After installing VCL component pack, Delphi 7 can no longer load any TMS components:

Cannot load package 'TMSD7' / 'TMSExD7' / 'TMSDeD7' / 'TMSXlsD7' / 'TMSWizD7'.

It contains unit 'ADODB', which is also contained in package 'adortl70'

No problems with Delphi 2010, XE2 or XE7.  

Unfortunately I have to maintain legacy programs as well as develop new versions.

I have heavily committed to using TMS components for consistent look and feel.

How do I fix this?

Thanks for your advice.

Can you try to open TMSD7.dpk from the IDE and compile & install this package from the IDE. When the IDE suggest to add a package dependency, accept it. Then proceed to do the same with the other packages.

Only the 1st dpk file (TMSD7) requests the addition of "adortl" and then compiles.

The other units compile, but now on load I get the error:

The procedure entry point @AdoDB@initialization$qqrv could not be located in the dynamic link library ...(TMSxxx).bpl 

Where TMSxxx refers to TMSExD7 / TMSDeD7 / TMSXlsD7 / TMSWizD7

The main set of components is now listed in the toolbar.

I've gotten all but the TMSDeD7 package working.  It still reports the entry point error and then the can't load message.

This error?

Error : procedure entry point could not be found

When errors are raised upon running the applications such as "procedure @... of the procedure entry point @... could not be located", make sure to scan your hard disk for ALL old versions of TMS .BPL and TMS .DCP files and delete ALL old versions. This error can appear when a newer package is built- with another package of which an old version is found first in the system path.

OK, did a complete search, removed the versions of both the DCP and BPL files in the TMS Component root, the TMS Component/Delphi 7 folder and the Borland Bin folders.  Recompiled again, and now everything is loading without a problem.