Installing TMS Component Pack on Delphi7


I have a dev XP machine that I am using for an older project.  I was using Delphi7 and TMS pack from a while back.
But the old TMS controls are not doing what I need.  So recently I paid up and got the lastest pack.  The install works fine in Delphi2010 (while migrating the old  project), however I tried to update the Delphi7 box and now have problems.

I downloaded some TMS examples and they work fine on Delphi2010.  But not on my Delphi7.

Running the TMS demo ASG35.bpr I get this error. (pasted picture:  "Property FixedGradientHoverFrom does not exist.")  I get the same error on my project.  I have searched for this property, FixedGradientHoverFrom but to no avail.  Best I can tell is it has something to do with the ControlLook.
I see the ControlLook on the Delphi2010 environment.


When I open the TMS demo project in Delphi7 I also get this.  Works fine in Delphi2010.
("Error reading AdvStringGrid.DrawingStyle: Property DrawingStyle does not exist")

Anyone seen this before?

I am guessing that the AdvGrid controls I have are not fully updated/upgraded.   Thought that the TMS Pack install would handle that !  I am really worried that I have to recreate them.  That would take me a VERY long time to do.

Thanks for any help.


Before installing component updates, make sure that ALL old version files (DCU, BPL, BPI, LIB, DCP, HPP, OBJ .. files) are removed from your Delphi or C++Builder library path. After installing new component versions and compiling applications that have been build with previous component versions, property errors can be raised upon running the applications. This is a common Delphi or C++Builder phenomenon. Solve this by first opening ALL forms in the application that use the updated component, ignore ALL property errors upon opening the forms, save the form files and after this, rebuild the application. The problem will be solved.


This is also explained at