Problems after installing in D2010

I just loaded TMS Component Pack into a fresh installation of Delphi 2010 on a brand new machine.  I used the subscription manager to load everything.  No errors were reported during the installation.

When I try to use any of the components from the TMS tab the application will not compile.  The first error I receive is "Undeclared identifier: tsWindowsVista".  It appears not to recognize anything in the AdvStyleIF.pas file.
Is this an problem with the installer?  Or does it have to do with my configuration? 

Please scan your FULL hard disk for old version of AdvStyleIF.pas and delete ALL old version files.

I did the scan and it only found one instance of advstyleif.pas.  I can clearly see the TTMSStyle declaration containing tsWindowsVista.  What else might be causing the problem?

It could also be because there is still an old version of TMSD2010.* still around.

There are four TMSD1010.BPL files. 

c:\users\dan\documents\tmssoftware\TMS Component Pack\bpl\TMSD2010.bpl
c:\users\dan\documents\tmssoftware\TMS Component Pack\Builder2010\TMSD2010.bpl
c:\users\dan\documents\tmssoftware\TMS Component Pack\BDelphi2010\TMSD2010.bpl
c:\users\dan\documents\tmssoftware\TMS Component Pack\TMSD2010.bpl
I suspect the last one is the opne that should be removed.  Is that the case?  Or should I use the Subscription Manager to remove that whole package; remove any remnants; and then re-install the package?

I fixed it by uninstalling and then installing again.  I also moved the library path entry for the TMW IW components below all of the TMS component entries.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!