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Code Completion is not working  with web core 1.1. beta in 10.3. Have I missed some settings?

It is working in 1.0 with  10.2.3  

// Ake

Can you verify your IDE library path, it should contain the folder where TMS WEB Core component sources are located.


I suppose you mean:  under Tools: Options->Language->Library: Library path.
It was not there, I put it in, but it did not help even after restart of IDE 

It is the "Component Library Source" subfolder that should be added to the  Win32 library path.


In 10.3 Rio Code completion  only works for a very small Web application (some of your small demos) if you add code from a folder other where the project are code completion dos not work any more!

I am quite sure that I have the path set up for web core (it works for very small projects) and to the not so clear instructions above, please be more specific to which parameter you talking about and where it is located in the new 10.3 schema. (Or I am not.. ) 

In 10.2.3 Tokyo it works as it should,  

My latest test was with XDataMusic project, server part works fin, web project nothing happens with code completion, but it compile fine, it must be something missing somewhere. 

BR Ake 

We will check this. It looks like the new 10.3 version has several issues with code completion and error highlighting, most likely caused by the compiler changes to support inline variables.


Is it any progress on finding the problem with Code completion in 10.3 Rio ?
Br. Ake

I've noticed that I don't get code completion on complex webcore projects in 10.3 as well

It would help if there was a sample source project with which we could reproduce this here consistently

Your XDataMusic project, server part works fin, web project nothing happens with code completion,

I have just tested web core and I did not see any improvements on Code Completion  for Rio 10.3, in 10.2.3 it works fine, it is very annoying to not bee able to use Rio for web core.

But I really like Web Core for withing web apps, it is this little flaw that that I thought should be fixed in this update. 
BR Ake  

We could not yet pinpoint something consistent in this area. It is on our list for deeper investigation.


Has it bee any improvement on this case in next release  1.2 Padua ?
Best regards Ake


With our latest internal version and a proper setup in Delphi 10.3, we haven't seen issues anymore here in the team.