Compiling and auto completion


I'm wondering is it normal that Delphi (rio 10.3.1) compiles my application and Web core modules everytime. It's still very small application, but about 100k lines is compiled.
for example i press F9, it compiles and starts application. I shutdown app and press f9 again and it compiles again.
This happens also on demos.

Also noticed that adding XdataWebClient to form stop code completion. I assume that there is something wrong with my xdata installation. (there are two xdata.web.client.pas units in my installation in "tms xdata\source\core" and "tms xdata\source\core\web" folders)

Hi Mika

Code completion is a very  fragile function in the IDE, especially when working with Web core, But surrounding some unit declarations with

compiler directivs like:


Or in code like:

           var s = test.trim();

I usually test if code completion works immediately after inserting some Web core related components or code, just to remember where I did the latest changes. Code completion is very picky on errors in the interface part that not bother the compiler. When CC works it is a great tool.

BR Ake

The compiler indeed compiles the application when you press F9.

If you want to avoid compilation, start the application directly from the browser.

We'll check what xdata.web.client.pas is possibly causing.