Delphi code completion

Delphi 10.3 / TMS WEB Core

I'm really struggling with code completion, and I saw already older posting from users with similar problems. I get code completions for class methods which, when I try to use them, causing compiler errors (TRectF). I'm trying to use simple classes like TPicture which are recognized from the IDE but finally causing a compiler error "Identifier not found TPicture". Maybe the IDE code completion is faking me again, and TPicture is not available in TMS WEB Core at all. I just trying to paint a graphic onto a PDF document.

PDFLib.Graphics.DrawImage(TPicture, TRectF)

You wrote in one of the older postings:

With our latest internal version and a proper setup in Delphi 10.3, we haven't seen issues anymore here in the team.

The documentation is not really saying anything about the "proper setup", except a screenshot where there are some entries in Library Path:


Right now I have the pathes for the

\TMS_WEB_Core\Core Source
\TMS_WEB_Core\Core Source\RTL
\TMS_WEB_Core\Core Source\XData

in the Library Path configuration

Code completion is happening in the IDE and the IDE is looking at the IDE library path, so it is important to look at your IDE library path, not the TMS WEB Core library path that is used for compiling the code.

When code completion is showing me classes and their methods/properties, which are not available during compiling, where is the problem then? When it comes to compiling, the pas2js transpiler is returning the error messages?

That is the current configuration. Is there something missing concerning TMS WEB Core?

The "Component Library Source" subfolder (containing the design-time classes) is not added to your IDE library path.

None of these entries were made manually. The installers did, or did not.

What about

\Core Source
\Core Source\RTL
\Core Source\XData

These SHOULD NOT be in your IDE library path. This is runtime code. These should be in your pas2js library path.
Again, "Component Library Source" should be in your IDE Win32 library path!

Ok, made these changes: (removed the TMS demo packages)

What is the


entry good for? There is basically nothing in the WEB Core root directory.

\TMS_WEB_Core should not be added

Well, it makes no big difference whether this path is in the library path or not. Its still not working, or only partially. When I move the cursor over classes, I get the info boxes

When pressing the STRG key and move the cursor over methods/properties they are underlined, but clicking on them a wait cursor is visible and nothing further happens. (Don't know how to make a screenshot from that behaviour)

When starting a fresh project, everything seems fine, but after a while when more and more units added into the uses clause, things becoming weird. Maybe the Delphi IDE is getting conflicting informations out of the unit header declarations?

In order to be able to investigate, please provide exact steps to reproduce.

I doubt, that this is reproducable with a project. The delphi 10.3 IDE behaviour is just weird. After creating a new empty project, and switching back to the old one, the IDE shows a different behaviour. It seems that it changes permanently. Maybe I have to live with this and switch to VSC as soon as possible. Its just time consuming and frustrating. Any chance to have the Electron framework available for Lazarus?

If you have steps to reproduce, please let us know.
We can only suspect that at some point a unit is invoked that the DCC compiler has problems with.
Electron support from Lazarus is on the wish list. Due to an extremely high workload, at this point we do not yet have an ETA.