RoundRect not rendered well

I downloaded TMS Web to try it out. Its an impressive piece of software. It was almost trival to get a web page working by writing purely in Object Pascal. I'm therefore interested in using TMS Web to create a diagraming application and so I would use the canvas a lot. I noticed that the RoundRect is not rendered optimally. The round edges are too thick so that the antialias bleeds out too far. See the imgur link for an example, this shows a normal sized rectangle and a zoom up view. I'm basing my comparison against GDI+ which I've used on desktop applications.

I can fix this by drawing my own round rectangle but it might be worth revisiting this in future versions to improve the look of round rectangles. 
We did apply an improvement, but the antialiasing itself is something done by the browser, so we do not have full control over this. This improvement will be in the next update.

Thanks for the reply. I noticed that making the pen thicker (=3) improves the rendering quite a bit which works for me. You've got quite am amazng tool and I will most likely purchase a licence. 

Do you have any documentation on how to call existing javascript libraries? I have a javascript library that I would like to call from Object Pascal, its a library I can't rewrite in Delphi. 


Basically, everything in JavaScript is accessible from a TMS WEB Core application
You can see in our examples that we have integrated jQuery jQWidget controls, we have integrated ThreeJS 3D rendering library, we have integrated a JavaScript barcode scanner, ....

The zero effort way to integrate with existing JavaScript is to embed calls to your JavaScript library from ASM / END blocks. In such ASM / END block you can directly write JavaScript.
A step further is to write Pascal wrapper classes that map on 'external' JavaScript objects. 
All depends on how your library is structured and how much effort you want to do to make its access as Pascal as possible.

Thanks, the main thing is that its possible. We'd want to write pascal wrapper classes that map onto the existing javascript library we have. 

web.pas in the RTL folder (registered version) is the best starting place as this unit has plenty of such wrapper classes, starting from very small / simple classes.

web.pas in the RTL folder (registered version) is the best starting place as this unit has plenty of such wrapper classes, starting from very small / simple classes.

Many thanks, one other question, does code completion work? Doesn't seem to work on my setup with TWebCore, D 10.3, update 2. If I do I don't get and code completion on objects.

In a demo / sample project? Other ? Details ?

My own project where I'm trying out TMS Web Core. I assume code completion it should work? If so its an issue at my end.

You typically need to be careful about ASM blocks as these are not understood by the Delphi compiler running in the background for providing code completion.

It looks like a problem at my end, I now can't get code competion to work on a normal vcl project. I'll figure it out. 

Just to let you know, the lack of code competion appears to be nothing to do with TMS Web because when I start a new TMS Web project, code competion works ok. So its something at my end.