CodeInsight Delphi 10.4.2


The new code completion works on a new Web Core project but not on an existing one.

What do I have to do to make this work?



This is a very vague problem description.
A check for library path would be the first thing to check.

It is difficult to be more specific. Code completion works in the interface part of the forms but not anywhere after implementation.

I'm sorry but we will need more specific information, sample project, exact code...
It could as well be an issue in the LSP implementation of Embarcadero.

I had added various WEBLib. FNC PDF units to a unit, rather than the VCL. ones. This stops code completion working. Switching to the VCL ones then works. Both compile and run fine. Which ones should I be using in a Web Core project?

I have the same issue. [Ctrl]-Space does nothing. Hovering the cursor over things creates a flash and then nothing. It works fine in normal Delphi projects, just not WebCore. I've tried three projects: two exisitng, one new. I suspect it's a problem with how WebCore is interacting with the Dephi changes in 10.4.2 b/c there was no problem in 10.4.1.

TBH, it seems 10.4.2 is a lot more sensitive to syntax errors. An error at the top of the file will block code completion for the entire file, like just missing a comma or semicolon. It seems to be intolerant of syntax errors while you're just writing code. You can't skip over stuff or a lot of the wizadry in the IDE stops working.

Strangely, syntax errors in imported WebCore libs (webaudio) aren't even flagged as errors. There's a line with an extra '(' on a function declaration that the compiler seems to not mind at all. But it can't handle an extra comma while you're writing a function call.

BTW, when you can take a project from 10.4.1 and build and run it without errors in 10.4.2, then the code completion and error insight stops working, it's not a problem with paths, or the project wouldn't build.


Same problem here. I played around with it and I can say, (at least in my case) it seems not to be related to old vs. new project, but to including webaudio in a uses-clause. If you use this unit, CodeInsight stops working. If you don't use it, it works.

But I didn't find out what's unique to this unit.

Meik Stoll

It could be due to syntax errors in the webaudio.pas file that the compiler doesn't complain about for some reason, but causes the other stuff to choke.

We have seen that the design-time helper unit for webaudio caused compiler issues and therefore caused problems with auto completion. We fixed this unit from pas2js and next update should not affect auto completion anymore.

Is there another unit file related to webaudio besides webaudio.pas?