Changing the RecNo of my TFDMemTable does not change the cursor (row) of my FNCGrid.


I'm new using TMS components and still discovering all capabilities.

I'm using a FNCGrid, with a FNCGridDatabaseAdapter, connected to a TDatasource.
The original dataset is a TFDMemTable.
When I set the RecNo of my MemTable or use Locate(..), Livebindings are updating controles correctly, but the FNCGrid cursor is not moving. It looks like the FNCGrid is bound oneway.
Am I using the FNCGrid incorrect or is there another reason?

Thanks for your time.

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I am not sure if I'm using this support-portal correctly, but, did not received any response.

So, I replaced FNCGrid with TStringGrid and used livebindings.
Know my RecNo navigation and Locate(..) call is working as expected.

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We'll investigate this here as soon as possible.

Oke, thank you.
Don't get me wrong, no disrespect intended.

No worries, I overlooked your message :slight_smile:


Did you update to the latest version?

Hi Pieter,

Thanks for your response, I did not realize there was a new version.
After the installation, I run some tests and the RecNo update en Loacte(..) are working as expected.
The next time I will check for updates first.


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