TMSFNCGrid out of synk


I have am TMSFNCGrid connectd with TTMSFNCGridDatabaseAdapter to a TDataSet.
I don't use TMSFNCGrid for editing, just for showing intrested data of DataSet.
Editing is done with simple Edit components.

If I edit some data which is not yet consistent and I click to another row on the Grid, an exception from dataset is raised as is expected, dataset remain in edit mode on the current record but grid is showing the new row as current.

What can I do avoid this situation?
I tested with the TMS FNC UI Pack 3


We couldn't reproduce this issue here. When clicking on the grid, after a field with an invalid field data has been entered, the exception raises, but the selected row remains the same. could you provide a sample code snippet?

Edit a cell in the standard grid and click TMSFNCGrid on another row.
The exception test is raised.
TMSFNCGrid changes current row - out of sync
The dataset remains in edit mode - as expected
Standard Grid remains in its current position - as expected
If I click sdandard grid to another row, the exception is raised again and remains in its current position - as expected
If I click TMSFNCGrid again to another row, current row is changed like as nothing is happend, but dataset is still in edit state on other record. (906.4 KB)

Thank you for your project.
We'll investigate this here as soon as possible.