I found an issue, on TmsFmxLiveGrid.

Description :
After editing a cell, if the modified field is not validate thanks to the Enter key, but with a click on another line of the grid, the modification is not applied on the edited line.

Products details :
Working on Delphi XE5 Update 2 with TMS Pack for FireMonkey

WorkAround :
in the procedure TTMSFMXLiveGrid.StopEdit, I moved the instruction ? NotifyObserverStopEdit; ? originaly place before ? inherited; ?, and put it just after

Step to Reproduce :
- In a new Firemonkey project, place a TmsFmxLiveGrid binded to a TDataGeneratorAdapter (of course, add some fields), thanks to a TAdapterBindSource on the main form.
- Run the project.
- Start editing a field (the line does not matter).
- Click on another line (not necessarily on the same column).
=> You should see, that the modification is applied to the wrong line.

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We have investigated this here but are not able to reproduce this, can you send us a sample that is able to reproduce this so we can investigate what exactly is going wrong?

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Sorry for that late answer. I'm actually working on a update to Delphi 10 Seattle. It seems that I no longer have this issue.

I will give you feedback as soon as possible.

Kind regards.