Several bugs found on TMS Web core and FNC grid

There are some bugs that stop us to continue development (we are still test porting from our desktop applications). I have latest releases installed.

  • Bug on ChangeList
    I use a TWebClientDataset connected to TWebHttpRequest.
    If I use a TWebClientDataset without TWebClientConnection, FChangeList (List that include dataset change) isn't created.
    This happens:"InitChangeList" procedure isn't called because "DataProxy" isn't assigned.
    If I connect a TWebClientConnection to DataSet, without using it (a dummy TWebClientConnection), "DataProxy" is assigned and FChangeList is assigned.

  • Bug on ApplyUpdates
    The call to ApplyUpdates doesn't clear FChangeList.

  • Bug on TFNCGrid, TMSFNCGridDatabaseAdapter
    I connect a TWebDatasource to TMSFNCGrid with TMSFNCGridDatabaseAdapter.
    When I change data in grid cell and exit from cell, the previous cell reset to previous data. After a number of attempts, the change is accepted.
    This problem isn't observed with a standard TWebDBGrid with same TWebClientDatasource.

  1. TWebClientDataSet is designed to be used with a TWebClientConnection. If you want to use it somehow with a TWebHttpRequest, you'll need to manage the DataProxy from your code.
  2. We've seen this and it is the way it is handled in the pas2js RTL. A workaround is to open & close the dataset after ApplyUpdates, which is a good idea to ensure to have the dataset refreshed.
  3. We will investigate this in connection with TMSFNCGridDatabaseAdapter

I speek about 1. and 2.
I don't think that a workaround (close&open dataset for Applyupdate) is a good idea for a professional product. I think it should work properly, and that DataProxy must be "generic" for a dataset management.
Powerful dataset management is the core of a Delphi application, especially when project is ported to Web Core.
Have you an example on DataProxy?
I did not understand if Tms intends to find a solution to these bugs or if we have to invent alternative solutions.
For .3 I wait for your investigation.
Thanks in advance


With the attached demo, we are not able to reproduce the editing issue. Can you provide more details? (54.3 KB)

Hi Pieter,
I have found the bug.
If you change MSFNCGridDataBaseAdapter.PostMode in apmCell, the bug is present. Values aren't change during editing.

Please test yourself.


We'll further investigate this here as soon as possible.


We are able to reproduce the issue yet, it's unclear exactly what is causing this. Please change the PostMode to apmRow for now until we find a solution.

Hi Pieter,
in fact now I'm using apmRow...

I am using the apmRow but the problem I have is that when I edit a row the row is blank until I edit the next row the selected information is displayed. When will they have the solution for the apmCell?


We will investigate the current state of the grid and see where it needs improvement. Right now, the database behavior with the grid is acting different on all platforms and therefore it's difficult to find a permanent solution. We'll investigate this here as soon as possible.