Cannot debug through the IDE with trial version?


I have a trial license for TMS Web Core, but I can't seem to get interactive debugging working?

When I hit F9: 
  • the compile window appears
  • the IDE switches to the debug view
  • the IDE then immediately switches back to the default view
  • the TMS Web Core app appears in Chrome
I've noticed that the project folder contains both Win32\Debug folders and a TMSWeb\debug folder.  

The Win32\Debug folder contains an exe and an ini file
The TMSWeb\Debug folder contains the html and js files, and the .map file

I have no anti-virus or firewall running (it's a virtual machiine). There's no proxy server or other middle-man like fiddler running.

Thanks for any assistance,

Debugging happens in the browser. 
See page 30 of the developer guide that covers debugging:

Great, sorry I missed that.

Also ... v-e-r-y clever - I like it :)