Unable to debug

I followed the manual:

Page 54:

To make it even more convenient to debug your TMS WEB Core applications in the browser,
when you compile your application in Debug mode and you have added a breakpoint in the
Delphi IDE, this is automatically converted to a debugger breakpoint in the browser.

It does not do that, it will just run the app in the browser normal without breaking at any breakpoint set in the IDE.

Is this the full TMS WEB Core registered version as this feature is not available in the trial version and do you compile for DEBUG mode?

Yes, full registered version, I bought it yesterday. I don't have/used the trial. And I compile in debug mode.

Do you open your browser console while running the code where the breakpoint should be hit?

Yes, but that will only work for breakpoint which will be triggered by user interaction. Breakpoint within the webformcreate, timer events and such wont work because their code is already executed before I even have a chance to press F12 in the browser.

You can always open the console and restart the application (refresh/F5).

That should work, thanks. Strange that the debugger does not trigger exceptions.

I'm not sure how to understand your question.
Do you expect exceptions that are not being shown? Something else?

Break point will work when I refresh, as you suggested, so thats ok now.

But exceptions are not triggered at all.
For example, I add a div by zero to a function, and when executed, it does not trigger any kind of exception, so I would believe that the code is all ok and would not find the cause for wrong results.

As a background, please check: