What am I doing wrong to get IDE debugging in the 2.3 BETA?

I've installed the BETA with no changes in its Options, loaded the TMSWEB_Frames demo, and set a breakpoint at the first statement after begin in FormCreate. After F9, the debugger stops at the breakpoint, but I cannot inspect any values, seeing only such as the following:

Have I left out a step?

I'm not sure in what scope Frame11 is defined / used here?
Maybe you need to use this.Frame11?

The selection was based on hovering over the code item. I'll try again, manually adding this, and report. I thought that using one of your demos would make it easy to replicate this issue though.

Indeed, editing the automatically selected item with this produces the expected result:

However, such editing is not normally expected.... Perhaps the selection can be automatically augmented in the next release?

It is explained in the blog post that not just any Object Pascal expression can be seen from the debugger. This is because, after all, the debugging still needs to happen on the transpiled JavaScript code that runs in the browser and as such, expressions need to match what is in the transpiled JavaScript code.

OK, I get it, Bruno, thanks. Still...it would be nicer for us Javascript-newbies to have a bit more help from the the debugger. :wink: