AdvSmoothComboBox and ScrollingSpeed


How can I change the scroll speed in AdvSmoothComboBox?

And where can I read about property speedfactor?

I did not find information about this in the instructions to AdvSmoothListBox.
If you decrease the SpeedFactor property you get faster scrolling.

AdvSmoothComboBox1.SpeedFactor := 0; Will apply no animation.

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Thanks, but min value AdvSmoothComboBox1.SpeedFactor = 1.

I can set AdvSmoothComboBox1.DetailSpeedFactor = 0.

If I set AdvSmoothComboBox1.SpeedFactor = 1 and press left mouse button on scroller and pull him on up or down scrolling items is slow.

For example, if I did the same on AdvStringGrid scrolling row is fast.

How can I achieve the same from AdvSmoothComboBox?

Can you send us your sample with the settings you have applied so we can investigate the slowness here?

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Yes of course, what kind of mail to send an email?

You can send it to

I`m send mail from