AdvSmoothComboBox: Add


I'm trying to add in combobox adout 500 Items .
The process of adding takes a long time. Adding realize this:

for i:= 0 to 499 do
with AdvSmoothComboBox.Items.Add do
    Height := 40;
    Caption :='Auto_' + IntToStr(i);
    Notes := '<font color="clred">Notes Auto'+IntToStr(i)+'</font>';
    NotesLocation := plCenterCenter;

Is it possible to accelerate the addition of new Items in AdvSmoothComboBox?

Wrap the code with BeginUpdate and EndUpdate.

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it really quickly!!!!!

Thanks a lot!!!!!

Another question: To accelerate the deployment list I can use BeginUpdate and EndUpdate? If yes, on what event insert them? Or do we need to use something else?

Do you mean a dynamic mode? This is not supported, the code needs to be executed in the constructor wrapped with a beginupdate / endupdate

Maybe it is. Let me explain: When I click on the button-down list, there is a delay in the disclosure.


We have investigated this here and have applied a fix for this delay, if you need a fix you can contact us by direct email.

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Ok, my e-mail:

Maybe I misunderstood you. I need you to write a letter? or email me said enough and you  send link?

Please contact us directly with your registered email address at so we can send you an update of the source code.
Pieter Scheldeman2014-05-16 07:40:47