ADVSmoothComboBox Flicker MidiChild Application


I have developed a MiDiFrom MidiChild application with a normal Windows style .

If I open the advsmoothcombobox with the mouse, the MainForm Border will

be flicker. Should I take a Delphi XE5 Style, all TPanels and TEdits will be flicker too.

It will be better, if a take more TMS components to style the child form, but it solved not the Problem.

Version: ADVSmoothComboBox

Sorry for my bad english. I hope you will understand my problem.



Unfortunately this is a known issue, VCL styles combined with the complex drawing of transparent GDI+ components such as the TAdvSmoothComboBox might cause flickering. You can already see this with a normal TComboBox as well. There is some complex Window handling coming from the style that is causing this issue. We haven't yet found a workaround for this.

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Thank You for your fast answer.

I hope you will find a workaround for this. The components have very nice Features.

I have a other question.

Do you have components to create my own form borders?

I can set the Borderstyle to bsNone.

Thanks in advance