AdvSmoothListBox scrolling very slow

Hi, If the list AdvSmoothListBox includes about 50 elements with images, scrolling is very very slow.


Can you perhaps provide a sample that demonstrates this, so we can investigate it here?

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Fill AdvSmoothListBox - one item

mPicture := TPicture.Create;


//insert one item

    mItem := slbCards.Items.Add; //slbCards is TAdvSmoothListBox

    fObj.GetPicture(mIndex, mPicture); //Get Picture to mPicture


    mItem.GraphicLeftType := gtImage;

    mItem.GraphicLeftWidth := 50;

    mItem.GraphicLeftHeight := 50;

    mItem.GraphicLeft.Transparent := True;

    if not mHidden then begin

      mItem.GraphicRight.Assign(pcBase.Items[0].Picture); //pcBase is TGDIPPictureContainer

      mItem.GraphicRightType := gtImage;

      mItem.GraphicRightWidth := 20;

      mItem.GraphicRightHeight := 50;

      mItem.GraphicRight.Transparent := True;

      mItem.Hint := 'POZOR - karta je ve viditeln√©m stavu!';


    else begin

      mItem.GraphicRightType := AdvSmoothListBox.gtNone;

      mItem.Hint := '';



We have tested this here and we are unable to reproduce this we the above code, but we need additional informatoin, please send us your sample that demonstrates the slowness so we can investigate this here.

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I modified your demo page aplikaci.Na can download the zip file.

The slowness is due to the large wallpaper you are using to load inside the graphic left image.

It is unclear why you want to load a 1920 x 1440 image in a 50 x 50 rectangle? Please resize the image so it more or less matches the rectangle to improve the performance.

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Pieter Scheldeman2012-11-26 07:19:20

thanks, now is ok