White line down right side of gutter in AdvMemo

Hi there, new to the forum.

I just purchased TAdvMemo, when evaluating I thought the white line down the right side of the Gutter was part of the copyright message, and hence could be got rid of in the licenced version, can someone point me as to where this is drawn. You can see in the image below that it's there on the right side of the gutter, I think 2 pixels wide. Any idea of how to set this colour?


John Bengston

Can you try to set 

AdvMemo1.Ctl3D := true;

Didn't make any difference, sorry.

What I did in the end is took "The hack approach".

And it looks great now.

Thanks for the reply, but it was a case of make a solution work, and I didn't have time to figure out what the 20,000 lines of code in that component were doing, plus I couldn't figure out what the -3 offset was all about anyway, so taking it out is no big deal.

A couple of tiny things I don't like about the components, but basically it really good and would recommend to anyone looking for a syntax aware text editor. It works really well.