Good mornig to all,
this component has a "line" on the bootm. By default this line is (seem to be) white.
There's a way to change this color or, if is the case, is possible to hide it ? (this because if the edit is dropped into a TRectangle and aligned to bottom, the rectangle bottom side is ovredraw by the component and the bottom side is "lose". In order to get the rectangle bottom side is align the contro via margins and set top, bottom and rigth .... but with this "round about" the rectangle will have two bottom side line).

Sorry if i did not explain well ....

Thanks for attention


It's unclear exactly what you mean with white line, because TTMSFNCEdit inherits from TEdit, so this behavior should also be reproducible with TEdit. We have also checked this here and couldn't see ana while line. The control itself is indeed aligning to the bottom and overriding the border for the rectangle. You will need to apply margins. You can also apply 0.5 as a border setting, so that might fit better instead of 1.

Hi Pieter,
thank you for reply ...
This request is for "cosmetic" pupose only.
I'll send an image in order to explain better (or trying to explain better.....)