Make gutter invisible in TMSFMXMemo

I can't seem to figure out how to make the gutter in the TMSFMXMemo invisible. There is an option to remove the line numbers but nothing it seems to remove the gutter?

Edit the memo style, in the style template select the gutter TRectangle style element and set its visibility to false.

Ok that worked, might be useful to make this available in the object inspector in a future version.

It's an idiotic way of getting rid of the gutter. There should be a Gutter.Visible property or something like that.

The memo and most of the other FireMonkey controls rely on styles to access elements. This is not an idiotic way of designing components, its a way that was initially the correct choice for FireMonkey controls. We know that now FireMonkey controls rely on bitmaps and no longer on a set of elements, but the difference is that we do not plan on breaking existing and running applications by taking away the style. Alternatively you can use the following code to access the visible property of the gutter

procedure TForm1.TMSFMXMemo1ApplyStyleLookup(Sender: TObject);


TMSFMXMemo1.GetGutter.Visible := False;