ADVMemo Gutter and scaling questions

What units is the right gutter defined in?  I am using a fixed font and have set the right margin to 100 characters but in fact it appears to be set at approx 70 chars.  I am working at 144 pixelsperinch.if that is relevant.

I have also found that adjusting the width of the LeftGutter affects the position of the Right Gutter. Why?
The default Gutter width is reported as 45 which I find hard to believe bearing in mind it is wide enough to house 4 figure numbers.  If I set it to 100 it is less than double the width of the default width.
Widening the left gutter expands it to be beneath the CodeFolding bars but I haven't found the way to adjust the code folding left position.

At its default width when set ShowModified to true show modified line is visible just to the inside of the left gutter.  If I widen the left gutter the modification lines disappear.  Again I haven't found a way of setting the position so it is visible.

Finally, I tried setting ScaleControlsForDpi (screen.pixelsperinch) but this seemed to make no difference.  Can anyone give me some advice on these issues.

John Barrat

We have seen an issue with gutter size on high DPI screens and have applied an improvement for this. The next update will address this.
I'm not sure I understand what you mean with left gutter & right gutter. There is only one gutter and it is always on the left side.

For right gutter read right margin.  The right margin does not reflect the number of fixed character spaces and varies inversely with the gutter width.

When is the next release planned?

A release is scheduled today.

Just installed latest release.  It now have an oversized font on what appears to be a correct size line spacing.  The result is that bottom part of each line is overwritten by the line below.  What is odd is that when it first paints it looks like it is correct but a second or so later it then screws up.  I tried with and without my styler but that didn't sort the issue.  Also tried ScaleForPPI(screen.PixelsPerInch)  All that did was paint the font incorrectly immediately.  At present this has made my app unusable.

To add to that, tested app on 96 DPI screen, fonts are rendered correctly but Right Margin not correct.

I cannot reproduce this. Tested with default TAdvMemo & TAdvPascalMemoStyler connected on the form on 100% , 150% and 200% DPI and on none of these DPI settings, I can see a problem.

Please provide sample source / exact steps / details / … to allow us to reproduce & investigate. Please follow up further by email only. It only increases our workload & confusion when posting the same questions on a forum and via direct email.