ADVMemo Gutter questions

I cannot get the Gutter line number to position closer to the left hand edge of the gutter.  Using the default values the gutter is too wide but when I reduce the width the right hand numbers get obscured. 

If I set the Gutter.LeftMarging to 0 I would expect the gutter text to appear at the left hand edge.  I don't know how many digits the gutter text defaults to, I haven't found a way to change it but it looks like it is catering for at least a 6 digit number.  How can I adjust the Gutter text to be further to the left and say 4 digits long.

John Barrat

The line numbers in the gutter are always displayed right-aligned. I'm not sure what you mean with setting Gutter.LeftMargin as there is no such property.

To set the alignment of the text in the gutter available space, you can use Gutter.GutterMargin

There is a Gutter.Left property, although I don't think it does anything.  I Have a number of rendering problems now with ADVMemo, maybe  it would be better to raise it with Direct Support.

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