Which platform to use on facebook

Which platform to use the settings in facebook for Windows VCL application to post comments only?


I'm not sure I understand your question correctly. Can you please explain exactly what you are trying to do?

The TMS facebook manual does not explain the complete registration application on account Developr, one of the requests from facebook which is a Platform Application, if we use Windows it requests an ID windows 8 Images:

Apparently this is something Facebook recently introduced and that didn't exist at the time we wrote the manual.
Try to use a "website" platform type.

Thanks Bruno, I'm with other problems for integration, but I will gather more information before posting here, sorry for the inconvenience.

Used web application and configured with localhost but facebook not allowed, as it tries to validate the application. Any tips?

I've retested the app registration process with on Facebook and have not been able to reproduce this issue.
Can you please make sure you selected "Website" as platform?

These are the steps required to register your application:

- Login with your Facebook account
- Select "Apps"
- Click "Create New App"
- Enter a name for your App and click "Create App"
- The "Dashboard" page is displayed with the App ID and App Secret
- Click Settings

- Click "+ Add Platform" and select "Website"

- You still need to enter the appropriate values in the "App Domains" and "Site URL" fields

Now go to the "App Details" tab.
- Click "Configure App Center Permissions" button
- Enable retrieval of the user's email, birthday, location and posting a status update on the 
user's Facebook page by entering the appropriate values (email, publish_actions, 
user_birthday, user_location) in the "App Center Permissions" box.

For more information and screenshots, please refer to the TMS Cloud Pack PDF manual.

Bart Holvoet2014-08-14 02:43:10
I did just that, but as it is a windows application and are setting as if he require WEB URL, and according to the manual was asked if typed localhost, when we ask for the application to stop being so development on facebook because they do not allow for this reason. The print above has a return this request. The application works but only in mode of development and testing, can not become official and be marketed, correct me if I'm wrong. 

Thank you for listening
If you have a website, you could add a redirector on your website and use that URL.
Alternatively, did you try to select the iOS or Android app type?
In the case of iOS or Android are asked for information that do not exist in a Windows application, if I choose Windows as it requires you to have a record for the Windows 8 How do I authorize?

When we developed & tested the Facebook API, Facebook did not have these requirements.

I'd suggest to use a redirection for the callback and register as a web application to avoid localhost.

Got it, I'm in the group of developers discussing this issue to see if we come to a solution, noting that the component is working, just can not get past the facebook app to production mode, as always is developing.

I've a same problem. Facebook reject my Web application. They have found a solution to this?