TMS Cloud,
Hello, I would like a support please, as I tried to send it to tms support and so far I did not get any response.

I'm making a mobile application, and I would like to connect to facebook via mobile and make a post on my page.
As well, send invitations and messages to other users.

Someone please help me.
Thank you very much and I hope that someone from TMS is seeing this, because I did not get them back through emails.

no more, thank you

We received your email and a reply was sent. Please check your email client to see if the message was blocked or filtered.

Here is the answer to your questions:

- You can find an example of how to post a message with an image in the FacebookDemo application included with the TMS FMX Cloud Pack download.

- Sending a message to a specific Facebook user is currently not supported.
We’ll have to investigate if this feature is supported in the Facebook API and if it can be implemented in a future version.

Good Morning.
I already did, I already looked at facebookdemo, but it did not work. says that it was not possible to load the URL .. that the URL domain is not included. but I do not have domain yet .., I'm doing tests on mobile only.

How to solve this?

Can you please make sure to follow instructions on the following page?

If the problem persists, can you please provide the following information so I can further investigate this?
- Does the error also occur on Windows or only on Android and/or iOS?
- A screenshot of the error you are seeing
- The version of Delphi you are using
- The version of Android and/or iOS you are using

Return : invalid scopes: publish_actions, user_about_me, user_website, user_relationships.

I was wondering if I get through the, my app, post something .., I just wanted a simple example and or the process of how to do that.

im use version delphi tokyo 10.2.3 - last version

compilation android

Hello, is there anyone there, and how do I resolve this personally?

Please provide the following information so I can further investigate this?
- Can you please explain exactly when and where the error occurs?
- Does the error occur only on Android or also on Windows?
- Can the issue be reproduced with the FacebookDemo application (included with the TMS FMX Cloud Pack download)