About a Facebook app compatible with TAdvFacebook


Sorry my english is bad.

I bought the components TMS Cloud because I want to avoid specific programming of each available service, and understand that using the components to abstract and I can almost see each service in the same way.
But ...
With Facebook I take the first surprise.
I ran the demo of Facebook after discharge such an application which is in the user manual TMS Cloud. I found problems that I could solve coming into this forum and seeing the same thing happened to another person (please, update pdf User Manual). Now the demo of Facebook works,
But ...
If I try to pass my Facebook app created as it Tms indicates, Facebook disapprove because I lack a lot of information to complete and the truth, I do not understand what I have to do. So I'm back to my original problem, I have to learn from Facebook to use Facebook ??? But so are the components of TMS?

There are some clear guidance on how to create a simple and complete application that is compatible with the components TMS Cloud?


First of all, we have no control over the Facebook approval process and secondly, they changed all kind of rules already at least 4 times in the past 2 years. If you have any questions about the Facebook approval process, I'd suggest you to contact Facebook. We have no control over what a user does with his application and if it is allowed or not by Facebook. Our components wrap the API into easy to use Delphi classes, that is the core functionality.