Where can I find the docu from DBLookuP, DBSearch etc?

Where can I find the docu from DBLookuP, DBSearch etc?

I guess you refer to TAdvDBLookupComboBox and TDBAdvSearchEdit?
Demo projects for these components exist under

No description of the properties, methodes, events?
How can I access to the text/value in a selected column in the combobox? I.e. I have three columns, ID, Name, City and if the user clicks on a row, the Name should be transferred to an edit.

After selecting, active record should be set to this record, i.e. you can get the desired column value directly from the DB field for this column.

I did make a saerch table and deposit this in ListSource of the TDBAdvSearchEdit. But the activ record of the saerch doesn't change with select or enter. Do I have adjust something before?

I did test it with the exampel project. The TDBAdvSearchEdit has no influence of the active record. Not in the ListSource and not in the DataSource.

In TDBAdvSearchEdit, this code returns for example the data from the 2nd column of the selected item from the OnSelect event:

procedure TForm5.DBAdvSearchEdit1Select(Sender: TObject);
  sli: TSearchListItem;
  sli := DBAdvSearchEdit1.SearchList.SelectedItem;
  outputdebugstring(pchar( sli.Captions[1]));

Thank you!

I had now done this using an extra FDQuery for searching and a SELECT statement. But I will test it.