AdvDBLookupComboBox Behavior

How are people using AdvDBLookupComboBox ?

Basically I have been tasked to create something similar to Google's
search lookup for our application and I am having issues getting the
behavior correct.

I am trying to have it query the DB to filter/lookup the records (from SQL Server) as the user types.
I can get the basic part working, but if they change their mind, backspace, etc. things get all confused.

How are others using this component?
Is this the best component to use for this task?
How do I track the user's typed stuff vs. what gets looked up?
When should the dropdown activate?
What properties/events should I be using?

Basically I am assembling the search string as follows:
SearchString := '%' + trim(Edit1.Text) + '%';
As I said, i have the basic initial search working, its just getting sideways when they change their mind.


  1. This component will not itself track/persist what the user typed
    2) The time when the dropdown appears can be controlled with AdvDBLookupComboBox.DropDownType. Default it is set to ddUser, meaning the user needs to click the dropdown button
    3) With AdvDBLookupComboBox.LookupSearch you can set it to look for a match from the first char or a match from a series of characters within the text (a contains)