AdvSearchEdit questions


I just started to look at TAdvSearchEdit,
When I run your demo, each of the TAdvSearchEdit has black background when I click inside edit field.
With black text... Do you see it differently? I am running on Windows 10.

Another question, where to assign ImageList in TAdvSearchEdit? I see properties for imageindex but I could not find where the image list property is. I can see it on AdvSearchList but not on AdvSearchEdit.
  1. Please set AdvSearchEdit.FocusColor to a color different than clBlack.

    2) You can assign this to:   AdvSearchEdit.SearchList.Images

Thanks, that worked.

One more question, how to select item in SearchList from code?

I am trying to simulate ComboBoxList, need to initialize selection.

You can set the index of the selected item via

AdvSearchList.ItemIndex: integer;