Db lookup how to

I have à dbadvgrid and want certain column to be looked up in another table. How should I do that? THE manual doesn't really help.

I use delphi xe and tms v 6.1.


Did you have a look at either the demo ADOLookup and 
AdvDBLookupInGrid  that show two sample implementations?

I can't get these examples to run. While opening the files I get an error that the file c:\PDOXUSRS.NET does not exist and then a permission denied error on c:, although I have administrator rights...

I solved the problem through a (ugly) workaround: in the table I added an extra field in which I perform the lookup, and this extra field is now displayed in the grid. So now the table does the job where it would be neater when the grid did the job! But the visual result is what counts ...

For the BDE demos, run the IDE as admin.

TX. Demo runs now. I can now start to try to understand te working. Is any documentation available? Or some hints? At least I see the demo does exactly what I want!

This control is running me crazy. Pls help me out.

Where in the demo application the AdvDBLookupComboBox merely selects records in the datasource and in the listsource, in my application the link-filed in the datasource gets updated when I change the value in the combobox.
Is there any documentation on this control?
And this control does not do what I want: I want a control that acts as a filter for the datasource.
So for example when I select a customer in the combobox, I want only thise orders from the datasource visible that are related to that customer.
Any suggestions?

The TAdvDBLookupComboBox  willl not perform filtering, it is merely a component to select a DB field value from a datasource that is linked with a lookup datasource (listsource). From your description, it would appear you do not need a TAdvDBLookupComboBox, but would  rather have to write an event handler from a regular TComboBox OnChange event to update a query to perform filtering.

Basically I agree with you. However, THE combo box should be filled with data from a db table. It should display a certain textfield, and when selected THE eventhandler should filter another query based on THE corresponding key. I hoped such à component would be in the TMS set. Since this situation must occur constantly amongst developers!

Solved! It is the DBLookupComboBox where you do not fill in the datasource property. Up till a few moments ago i had the impression that the datasource property was required to be filled in. But if you do so, the component edits the correponding datafield from the datasource!

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Thanks for the quick reactions!