When you change a text caption in responsive manager state it alter font type and size of the other state


When using ResponsiveManager, and you have two different states ex. 1024x768 state 1 and 375x800 stat2, if you change the text caption of a label1 in state 2, it affects the font size and type of the same label1 in state 1.

That is making of rework to restore original font size and type on state 1 component fonts when we are just changing things in state 2.

When you changed the label caption, did you already have a different font in state 1 as in state 2?

Were the same font name in both, it just changed the height of the font.

I think this problem is comming when someone that doesnt have installed the fonts on their pc changes the responsive manages states, and for some reason it changes the font size.

Hi Bruno,

Any update about this? this is consuming a lot of rework for us, because when we change a text on state 2 (mobile size) is changing the font size also in state 1 (desktop size).

What Delphi version is this?
If this is Delphi 11 or Delphi 12, do you use the form designer in high DPI?
Try setting it on fixed 96dpi

Hi Bruno,

We are using Delphi 11.3 CE and we are not using Delphi DPI Unaware