Components and Fonts shrinking when Display not at 100%

Components shrink on WebForms when Windows scaling is not at 100%.
This seems to happen sporadically, possibly on loading.
Reproducable by using Alt-F12 (text/dfm switching).
In this case components vanish into nothingness if repeated...
Font sizes are reduced, even non visual components are moved around.
Switch back to 100% and everything is fine.

I am only making very simple forms. No CSS or special HTML. Same effect in the Demo Projects. Reinstall of Web Core did not help. I normally have Windows 10 scaled at 125% on 4K Monitor. Delphi 11.

Is there any known workaround for this behaviour ?

Thanks !

This is.a Delphi 11 problem, we are trying to find a workaround for it for the next update

Fixed with Delphi 11.1

Thank You !