TDBAdvEdit/TAdvEdit Label Font changing size in IDE

I've recently migrated my old apps to 10.3 Rio, including upgrading to latest UI Pack. Most of these apps were D2009, and it went very smooth, which was wonderful.

But I have a hiccup. Whether I drop a new TDBAdvEdit / TAdvEdit or those that were on the migrated apps, if I do anything to edit the label font, then every time I close and reopen the pas file it will increase the size of the font. If I start at fontsize 9, it will save and reopen at 11, then 14, 19, etc.

If I drop a new control it is fine unless I edit the label font. I can change caption, position, but not font. It is the same for DB Combo box control. For some reason when I first edit TAdvEdit label font the changes don't show, but they show when reloaded and then it grows in size like TDBAdvedit.

I'm guessing this may be tied to scaling in some way? I've checked and Scaled is False for the form.

Any insights from anyone will be appreciated. Been doing Delphi since Turbo Pascal days but new to Rio and the UI so it may be something simple. Hope so at least.

I could not reproduce this here so far.
Do you use TMS VCL UI Pack v10.3.3.1?
What DPI % is the monitor you're using?

Bruno, sorry for the lengthy delay. Got off on another big project, just sitting down tonight to dive back in.

And it appears your question was the answer. My text size DPI was set to 125%. i have changed to 100%, edited, compiled, opened, closed etc. and the label fonts are stable.

I'll reach back if it's not fixed across the board but this appears to have been precisely the issue. I have sworn by your components for many, many years. Your product quality and support are second to none. Thanks for the quick reply (and apologies for my long delay), for the product and for knowing exactly where to start looking for this issue.

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