What Time we see True record supprot ?

for long time i wait for language enhancement such as record support ?
have any plan ?

We have intention to add such feature in future, yes. We don't have a timeframe for that though. 

1 week ?
1 month ?
1 year ?
100 year ?

we ask same question 2 years ago !

The answer was already given:

"We don't have a timeframe for that though".

This is my final answer on this matter: Our team dedicates effort WHEN and IF something makes financially sense. We focus on what the MAJORITY of our customers expect. We're not a venture capital sponsored company, we're not Microsoft with stellar deep pockets who have money to burn, we need to do what is sound & viable to keep our business going. In this perspective, your suggestion is being considered. Nothing more and nothing less. If you have a unique and urgent need for some particular feature, we can always offer it as a custom paid development project.