Support for screen readers

I see that you have started updating your components with high DPI support for Win10 and high-DPI screens. That is very good for people with high-DPI monitors and eye sight issues, but what about completely blind users?

Example components which are completely blank to the screenreaders are TAdvPolyPager and TAdvPolyList for example... And also TAdvListEditor (there are others too..)

Do you plan on adding some features to give your components screenreader
friendly names, either by utilizing MSAA or some other method?

No decision in this regard has been made at this moment.

So that means "no, we will not work on that"?

No, this is NOT the statement I made.
The statement I made is: there is no decision at this moment: no decision we will not do it and no decision we will do it.

OK, thank you for the reply, but still, that doesn't mean much. Can you make estimate when will you make the decision? If I might end up waiting a few months just to see that the decision was "no" which means loss of few months. And that few months can be well spent by adjusting my software using different set of components perhaps. If the answer might be "yes" after a while, then it might be worth waiting. But not knowing what it might even be does not help...

Given the very high workload with several other ongoing projects, I do not see us making a decision in the coming 3 months.

OK, thank you!

Two years later... has there been any change in status of having accessibility support? Particularly interested in TAdvListEditor.

Sorry, there has been virtually no demand for this and as such, we have so far not allocated resources on this.