XData for Lazarus

I bought a WEB Core licence and I'm waiting for the first version which runs under Lazarus. Are there also plannings to bring the XData framework to Lazarus/LCL ?

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We wish, but Lazarus misses too many language/RTL features for an easy conversion. So we're always in the dilemma of spending resources on heavy XData refactor, or wait for FPC/Lazarus to improve.

Still no timeframe for that (both options).

a year after are there any plans?


We're waiting on FPC improvements to be able to compile XData on Lazarus. 

Did FPC 3.2 bring what you need to compile XData?

We couldn't check it yet. Maybe. We are working hard already to adapt Aurelius/XData source code to be more FPC compatible over time.

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is there any progress in the topic "XData for Lazarus" ?
Maybe in a special purchase version ?


Slowing moving toward it, but still no timeframe. What d you mean by a "special purchase version"?

Well I would extra pay for an Lazarus XData-Version.
If you're workingI in IOT development, Lazarus is a well base in Windows and Linux.


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I also would love to pay for a Lazarus version, but I think the problem is, there are too few Lazarus users around to maintain a separate code base for them.

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I would also pay for a Lazarus/FPC version. :smiley:
It's on the radar. I can say this is not something being overlooked, it's very high in our priority list, it's just that it's a longer, harder task.

We are paying for RAD STUDIO Enterprise purely to compile XDATA for Linux. (TMS Web Core works in VS CODE so don't need RAD STUDIO).
It's a large expense for a small requirement and each year we have to scrape money together to pay Embarcadero for something Lazarus does for free.
Is there any ETA on XDATA for Lazarus? :grinning:

I don't understand why, in addition to the good firebir server, I need another server to translate that data for the web application.

At that point I get another opportunity to fix something and to find out who made a mistake

@Zeljko_Cvijanovic I'm not sure what are you referring to, probably you posted in the wrong topic?

@Read_Adi Unfortunately still no timeframe.