Web Core VSC - Design time erro

When I press the Ctrl+12 keys to edit the form design the error message below appears.

"Class TXDataWebEntityField not found. Ignore the error and continue"

Had you build a project with a previous version of TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code or is this a Delphi project you try to open in TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code?

Hello Bruno.
Both, this project was created in an old version and now I've updated it. This is a WEB Core project created in the Delphi IDE and now I would like to continue developing in VSC.

I suspect it uses TMS XData related components not installed in VSC.
We still need to make packages for installing TMS XData client components in VSC

Are there any forecasts for this update?

Hello Marcos, for now design-time edit of TXDataWebEntityField is not supported in VS Code. I suppose you are trying to open a WEB Core project created in Delphi? You will be able to compile the project in VS Code, but not open that form, specifically. We are working to solve this for the next update.

OK Wagner.
I will wait for the next update.

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