WebCore VSC : Components install

I used WebCore under delphi from a while, and it is really a nice product : thank you for that.

Now, I decided to use VSC WebCore fro my further dev, and that seems to work great too.

In my test, I looked to to the [partner lib] (TMS Software | WEB Partners)

Question :
I use this lib runtime is ok and simple, but is it a way to install manually the component into VSC IDE ? (WebCore VSC v1.3.4)

For example, with the Screencapture component, for example ?

Thanks a lot !


We haven't added a package for TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code yet for these free components. So, for now, you'd need to create a new package from TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code and install via this package.
We've added it on our todolist to provide the packages for install also in TMS WEB Core for Visual Studio Code.

Ok Bruno. Thanks !
I tryed to add a new package, create one from scratch with TWebScreenCapture in it.
Once ok, I Add those line to the dpk :


  WEBLib.ScreenCapture in 'WEBLib.ScreenCapture';

After compile, I use "TMS: Install Package" sub program to add the tcwl.

I got my package installed, but starting this point, no component at all is loading into IDE : (TMS Web Core included ! All empty).

--> I uncheck my package and all back to normal.

I will wait a exemple from your side :)


Do you have a Register procedure that calls RegisterComponent() ?

Yes. Taken from original WebLib.ScreenCapture.pas (with the rtti and so on)
-> But I will dig, Bruno, I just see the problem is
which is not found (idetifier not found).

--> I will made a more simple component which not require dependancy, for instance...

Done ! :) On "no dependancy", it is even more simple than in delphi ;)
I wait example from your package (no emergency) for dependancy declaration.

You do not actually need
for a component in Visual Studio Code. This attribute is only for design-time install in the Delphi IDE.

Yes, I saw it, and cleaned all delphi specific stuff, and I successed to install a "no dependancy" components (as you can see in the capture) in my last week mail.
I do not try again to install a dependancy-enabled component, but it should be more easy now.
When you'll provide "VSCPackage" for tms component such as WebZip, or WebScreenCapture, I'll take a look, for see how we must do with js dependancy.

It is on our todolist to provide such packages for install in VSC.
A very high workload prevented us from doing this so far. As soon as we can allocate time, we'll add these.