Web Core for Lazarus (Windows and Linux)

Prior to purchasing Web Core, I confirmed with Masiha Zemarai of your company that the product could be installed in Lazarus under Linux (copy of email below). After my purchase, there was a single link in the "My Products" area of my account on your website. After downloading it, I discovered that it was a Windows-based installer. After running it on a Windows box with only Lazarus installed, the installer wanted me to "check the box identifying which version of Delphi" it had detected. However, there were no check-boxes (of course, because there were no copies of Delphi on the box). The installer did not have any type of "cancel" or exit mechanism. It had to be killed by the Windows Task Manager. After examining the installer program, I realized it as an Inno-based installer (good choice of a Pascal-based installer for Pascal programs :-). Subsequently, I used an Inno unpacker to "unzip" the installer's payload. There were 8 complete sets of Web Core files for Delphi XE 7 through 14 (but nothing specifically for Lazarus). A quick check showed that all these 8 sets were identical with the exception of the Win32 directory. Following the instructions in the Youtube video, I tried to install the two Lazarus Web Core packages into the IDE.
There seemed to be three missing files (WEBLib.CSS.RES, TMS.Web.Controls.res, and WEBLib.lang.ps). I pulled copies of those three files from the demo copy of Web Core distributed by Blaise Pascal Magazine. The installation then went smoothly. Upon testing, the path to the WebCompiler was wrong. After correcting it to point to the copy in the Compiler directory, Lazarus seemed happy. However, and here's my problem, the compilation halts, saying I need a license. I have a paid license, but no idea how to present it to the compiler. There are a couple of files that seem to deal with licensing (generator.dll, TMSEmailApp, etc.) but I have no idea how to run them (trying to execute the EmailApp causes a box to flash momentarily on the screen, and nothing more. Obviously, the installer, if it had worked correctly, would have handled the setup of the licensing.

  1. Is there a Web Core Linux installer for Lazarus?
  2. Failing that, there is Web Core Windows installer that works correctly with Lazarus (that I can then use to manually move the files to the Linux environment for installation in Lazarus)?
  3. If there are no Lazarus installers, how do I generate and place a key that will satisfy the compiler in my current Lazarus "lash-up"?

I use Fpcupdeluxe, so I can easily install whatever version of Lazarus you have tested or certified to. Just let me know. My "lash-up" is to Lazarus Trunk.

Your help is greatly appreciated! As always in software development, time is of the essence! ;-)
Thank you,
James "Brad" Whitehead

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Reply to me

Dear Mr. Whitehead

The registered version of TMS WEB Core includes support for Delphi and for Lazarus.
We have several customers how use TMS WEB Core together with Lazarus on Linux.

Masiha Zemarai

tmssoftware com

I followed up via direct message with a couple of download links from where you can proceed to install for Lazarus for Linux.

Bruno - Does the download link point at the latest version of TMS Web Core for Linux, or the version you originally linked to. I'm assuming that newer versions have been released since August 2022. Thanks

Link should point to last release.