Lazarus install TMS Web Core 2.1

Debian 64
Lazarus and fpc

I had the following problems during installation.

constructor TTMSWebIDEComponent.Create(AOwner: TComponent);
procedure TTMSWebIDEComponent.SetName(const ANewName: TComponentName);

uses Windows;

We fixed these. v2.1.0.2 will address this.

Can the link be sent via direct message?

When the v2.1.0.2 build is ready

Send link Lazarus

what kind of request should I write, so that I too can get the published version of TMS Web Core

Send link Lazarus

The new version is uploaded

Send link for Lazarus TMS WebCore

The new version is online

Send link for Lazarus TMS WebCore

The download is updated.
We always update the download, so it is not needed to ask this every time.