Lazarus and TMS WEB core

Lazarus and Linux:

I would like to know when the users of lazarus will be equal to the users of the Delphi tool.
This site has my every request when a new version comes out:

Link for new versions and were version
After my intervention i got version
A few days ago the beta version of TMS WEB Core V2.1 Beta was released, I still can't use it, I don't have it.
If I used your tools in the applications that I give to the client, to my user, I would have to promise him that something will work sometime.

Our focus is to first get v2.1 released for Delphi and Visual Studio Code. When this is ready, the work to bring this to Lazarus will start. It is already a lot of hard work for Delphi and Visual Studio Code at this moment and bringing Lazarus in the mix at this stage will only delay the work on Delphi and Visual Studio Code.

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