Lazarus and TMS WEB core

Lazarus and Linux:

I would like to know when the users of lazarus will be equal to the users of the Delphi tool.
This site has my every request when a new version comes out:

Link for new versions and were version
After my intervention i got version
A few days ago the beta version of TMS WEB Core V2.1 Beta was released, I still can't use it, I don't have it.
If I used your tools in the applications that I give to the client, to my user, I would have to promise him that something will work sometime.

Our focus is to first get v2.1 released for Delphi and Visual Studio Code. When this is ready, the work to bring this to Lazarus will start. It is already a lot of hard work for Delphi and Visual Studio Code at this moment and bringing Lazarus in the mix at this stage will only delay the work on Delphi and Visual Studio Code.

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My annual maintenance goes into the development of other programs

Can Lazarus developers can expect WEBCore 2.1 Beta or WebCore 2.1, the last update was made on 10/25/2022.

With 2.1 release, we will add Lazarus support.

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when it can be expected

We aim for march.

Can the version for Lazarus TMS WEB Core V2.1

The TMS WEB Core for Lazarus v2.1 update download is at the usual URL.

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I tried but it didn't work.
Cannot be installed if Delphi is not installed
The package does not open, but I have no possibility to do anything

The link from the private message has an old version.

I resent the link via direct message

What kind of request should I write, so that I too can get the published version of TMS Web Core

I’m out of office. I will handle upon return.

Just to remind you.

Is anyone else working on lazarus with TMS Web Core.
Are there any problems with the new versions.
That it cannot install.

Whether the browser informs that the location where it is running its own program informs that it is not a safe location.

Whether there is a possibility of ignoring such locations in the future.

When lazarus developers get new versions.
and is there support for lazarus developers

The download has been updated.

Thanks Bruno, with this method of sending I lost the possibility to get version in my version archive