Download of Component Pack


I have an old subscription of Component Pack and the registration info shows:

TMS Component pack (expired)

Product page
Registered company Combinova AB
Registered developer Ekstrom Goran
Purchase date 2/4/2002
Purchase version 2.2

Registration valid until version

License agreement details
Latest available release (25/10/2010)

Is there anyway I can get access my most recent version, i.e. 3.1? I only have 2.3 downloaded.

Sorry, we do not have such old version 3.1 here around anymore. This version must be over 5 years old. The latest version is meanwhile already 5.8. After login on our website you should see a discount offer to purchase a renewal.

That I do¨, I'll see what I'll do.
Another issue, you have a "Flexcel" componet package. What about maing a "FlexWord" and a partircularely a "FlexPowerPoint" package! I reallt need a simple way to show and control (pages selection primarily) a PowerPoint presentation programmatically in a VCL app!

We're currently very hard at work on Flexcel for VCL with latest Office support. After this is finished, we'll consider new paths.


My component pack subscription is expired. I can not download the latest version available for my subscription. Download links are gone. How can I download ?

As stated in the licence agreement, we do not offer backup services. We can't practically keep every old version of our software online. After login on our website you should see a discount upgrade offer to renew for support & updates.

I really don't see it as a "backup" as I couldn't download version 5.9 which was a part of my subscription. I think old builds should be available for download for a reasonable period, say 3-6 months.

I may not be able to download all the new versions when they're just published and I really can not track expire date of all of my subscriptions. I occasionally log into TMS site to see if there are something new for me.

I shouldn't be "forced to upgrade" to be able to download the most recent version which was already included in my expired subscription.  Considering that I haven't downloaded it yet I don't see it as a "backup request".


As explained, please refer to the license agreement where this is explained.
When we release a new version, the install build overwrites the old version on the webserver and we do not have all logistics available, in particular all needed scripts/logic/storage to provide exact matching latest version(s) specific to a customer. As we can't really support old versions, we see much more mutual benefits to provide significant discounts for upgrades than to invest in infrastructure to keep providing older & unsupported versions. 

Well, the fact that this is mentioned in the license agreement doesn't mean that this situation is fair. How many of us really read license agreements before purchasing stuff?

Other Delphi 3rd party component vendors which I'm subscribed to allow me to download the latest version available to an expired subscription.

Anyway,  if it is your policy then there is nothing to do about this. I hope that this will be improved in future. I think it is good to send notification emails when a new version is out so customers can download it as soon as it is published.


We announce new releases via our newsgroup, an email newsletter, Twitter, Facebook and most of the times also on the Embarcadero newsgroup, so there are plenty of ways we try to reach our customers to announce new releases.