VSC - how to i get TMSWebcore to recompile and output TMSWeb?

Hi, I would like to get help on

  1. if I deleted the TMSWeb folder that get generated during
    compilation in VSCode IDE, what are the steps I can take to
    get it to re-compile and generate the necessary JS codes again ?

  2. if i have a "pages" folder which i create lots of *.pas , .dfm inside and add that to the project. I wish to keep my root folder to have only my .dpr, index.html and main.pas,.dfm,.html files. so that it is cleaner. When i modified my pages , pas or HTML files inside this folder ,when i re-compile the TMS Webcode, will the modified files get re-deployed to the TMSWeb debug folder ?

thanks for any assistance,

  1. Just do a build and it should perform a full recompile
  2. They will get redeployed to the output folder


  1. how to do a build at VSC ? i clicked RUN, nothing happened.


Then something else must be wrong on your machine.
Clicking run should compile & deploy the app and invoke the browser to show it.

Hi Bruno, i have updated to the latest and test it again, by purposely deleted the TMSWebcore folder that was created during the previous run. I noticed that all the folders i.e. CSS, fonts, img, js , pages that i added to the project was not able to redeploy.

i had to click Add to project one more time and then click Run to recompile and then it showed up after the browser show it.

So is it everytime, we deleted the TMSWebcore folder, we have to repeat to do the above ?

Files part of the project (I.e. included / referenced in the .DPROJ file) should be redeployed to the output folder.