VSC - Tms Webcore *.dproj compiler options help

Hi , as title/subject above, not sure whether the documentation is ready which I would like to find out what are the usage and information of the parameters.

in my VSC mac env., when i clicked on the dproj ,the compiler options

  1. TMS Web source paths : currently is empty, so the default is ?
  2. Output path:
  3. ECMA script :
  4. Obfuscation :
  5. Optimization :
  6. Single Tab in browser :
  7. Single JS File
  8. Web server :
  9. Web server parameters :
  10. use ShellExecute :
  11. Web Server Visibility :
  12. Wait for Web Server :
  13. URL :

although, it is not difficult to understand what are those params but just wish to be sure, why this params is there and how can we make use of it , thanks a lot.


We'll look to take this up in the doc.