Urgent : How to retrieve or rebuild a solution based on TMS Web Core VS

Hi all,
I infortunately remove my TMS subfolder and now it's impossible to recreate my solution.

Do I need start from scratch ???? or there's some easy solution ????

Why there's not a rebuit solution from initial directory (with all file but without TMS sub folder ?)

Thanks you.

I do not understand what you mean.
What do you mean with "my TMS subfolder"?
What exactly is not working? What exact error do you get at what exact step?

Hi Bruno.

With TMS WebCore VS when you use debug, it creates a subfolder called TMS

where there are 2 other subfolders Debug and Release.

And I delete this sub folder TMS under my application.

Can I recreate my application esaily ?


ps :

There’s an IOT upgrade of TMS WebCore VS ??

Do you have to uninstall the previous version to install the new one ?

Sorry TMSWeb excatly not TMS alone.

  1. When you recompile the app, depending on the target, it will recreate the Debug or Release folder
  2. It is recommended to uninstall and then install a new version

Hi Bruno,

Sorry Bruno, but it actually doesn't always work. It depends on the mistake I made.
Often I have to restart the app from the beginning. For that I zip my directory very often.

I have 4 new questions:

1 / How to automatically have a directory copied under TMSWeb dir. I have MyApi / Assets I would like "Assets dir" to be copied under TMSWeb/Debug or /Release at each change of original.
It's possible ?

2/ Can we compile in 64btis under TMS Web Core VisualStudio ?

3/ and most important. I use mostly HTML templates, is it possible to have a Subform inside a form?
A bit like an IFrame?

4/ Is it possible to replace an element with InnerHtml with a template html file ?

PS : a note
This doesn't work if I don't initialize myVar:= ''; before call asm bloc.

procedure Todo();
myVar : String;
myVar = event.target.getAttribute("MyAttribute");

Thank you

  1. Did you add the files to your project? Files that are part of the project are copied to the output folder
  2. Target of a TMS WEB Core app is a JavaScript web client application, there is no such thing as a 64bit JavaScript code.
  3. Your template can have IFRAME elements. The question is what exactly you want to do with this IFRAME
  4. I could not reproduce this. What element is event.target?

1/ No this files are used by html template CSS/JS and images

2/ So true what a stupid question

3/ So far I have managed to resolve my problem using assigning the FormContainer to the SubForm

4/ That's is bizarre because when you assign at least one time MyVar := ''; and compile everything it's ok.
I use this method to capture a clic inside a

with TWebDiv .OnClick and to detect what specific element
is clicked, I use "event.target".
I don't understand but the next time it appens I send you directly the code.

Thank you.

About 1), the logic we implemented is that files added to the project are deployed.
If you do not want to add these to the project, you'll need to deploy these manually

Can I add a complete sub folder to my project ?

That is possible.
That is how our template demo was created for example

Please show me what I need to do to have a assets dir under my project copied automatically under TMSWeb/Debuf or /Release when I debug or release.

thank you

Drag any files you want to be added / deployed into the project files list.