How to manage TMS WEBCORE deployment ?


As i have checked in the documentation that did not say much about how to manage our
build / debug and deployment assets .

Here are some of the related questions ,

1. how do i manage those assets that is not part of the html or asset that generated 
   by the TMW Webcore ? 

   - how to add js / css / images which is not part of the TMS Webcore application but is 
         part of the HTML template that we choose to use ?
   - how to generate the release folder ? Currently , i only able to see under my project 
     folder , there is a TMSWeb/Debug folder and i currently use it for deployment.
   - and DURING DEVELOPMENT, i find sometimes , that those files that is managed by
     TMS Webcore, i.e. some JS / CSS / HTML file that are set in Project->Deployment
     are not consistently get updated , even when i re-compile the project or some JS
     , CSS or HTML files that i EDITED , the new files was not automatically get updated
    into my Debug folder and i had to manually copy over , why is that so ?

2. how do i setup and use the Delphi's deployment wizard to deploy the TMS Webcore 
    project ?

Looking forward for some advice .


  1. And when i copy all my files in my Debug folder into my Live web server , the TMS Webcore Trial dialog still pops out , why ? i have registered copy of TMS Webcore .

    2. as my app is PWA, how do i get my debug pickup my latest changes ,sometimes, i have to use incognito windows, some time have to clear history , what is the best way to deal with it during development ?

    3. how to get the PWA to auto prompt user to update their app , if they already downloaded it in their phone ? 

    4. how do i get the TMS Webcore PWA to auto prompt user to check if they want to download the app ? (is that automatically done by the browser ?)

It is your choice whether to add these assets to the Delphi project or to deploy it separately/manually along with the TMS WEB Core web client files to be deployed. HTML/CSS/JS/image files you add to the project are being sent to the output folder (TMSWeb\Debug or TMSWeb\Release, depending on whether you compile for debug or release mode). 
TMS WEB Core does not interact with the Delphi deployment wizard.

If there is still a trial dialog, that means you did not properly or fully uninstall the trial version.

Open the console and when the console is open, you can right-click the browser refresh button and from the context menu choose to clear all cache data.

A PWA app will not prompt for auto updates by default, it will get newer files when available and when there is an internet connection automatically.