VS Code setting ouotput path can not work

After setting ouotput path

Delete the files under the original project
The output path has seen the compiled file
browser can't find page

What else to follow to set the web Server path ?

Please, let me know how you have changed the port from 8080 to 8081, because that could also be the reason for not finding the running app.

With VSCode it is 8081
I didn't set
Do not set the output path is normal

By default is 8080, but it seems 8080 is already used in your computer and uses 8081 because of that. I will try to reproduce the issue, but please, just confirm that without changing the output folder it works well. Also, try to use a path in the same drive you have your project, that is, if you have your projects in C:, don't use D:\ as output path. Will get back to you asap.