Lost RTL library path

I create a new WEB Core project in VSC and in some situations it doesn't compile anymore because it loses the reference of the RTL library.
One of the identified cases that this happens is creating a project and closing it and then opening it again.
Was this error fixed?
thank you

Please, can you clarify a bit more? What do you mean by "loses the reference of the RTL library"? What error do you get when compiling?



Hi Jose.
Incredible work at VSC. Very good!!
See in the image that the VSC loses reference to the files in the RTL and XData subdirectory at ... . Vscode \ extensions \ tmssoftware.tmswebcore-0.0.3055 \ resources \ coresource.
This happens after I create the project and open it later.
I believe this is just a problem in the VSC editor because I can compile the sources.
Thank you

Ok, will check, it could happen that after updating, the path is different, and OmniPascal is not refreshed properly. Will let you know.

I will await your return.
Thank you