UpdateBuilder V2.1.2.0

Just downloaded the latest UpdateBuilder with the UTF8 and ANSI options and done some testing. However, it looks as though the selected output format isn't saved to a specific project. I saved an ANSI (non-unicode) project with 'ANSI' selected and then a Unicode project with 'UTF8' selected. I then opened the ANSI project again and the option had changed to 'UTF8'. Perhaps I'm missing something here?

Also, in W10 Notepad, ANSI files are shown as 'UTF8' format and Unicode files are shown as 'UTF8 with BOM' format. I'm wondering if the UTF8 option in UpdateBuilder wouldn't be better labeled as 'UTF8 with BOM'?

We made the encoding setting a global setting since we assume that users still using very old Delphi versions that don't support Unicode will always use ANSI .INF files and users with more current Delphi versions will use UTF8 .INF files.

Ok, but I support both very old (non-unicode, D2007) and new (unicode, 10.4) versions of our apps. This means I will have to use both old and new versions of UpdateBuilder instead of just being able to use the latest version as I'd hoped. No big deal though. Unfortunately, not all customers upgrade to the latest versions of our apps and old apps have still to be supported.

But you can change in the newest version the encoding mode. All that it isn't doing is storing this setting along with the project, so you would have to do it manually for now.

Yes, I'll just use two versions of the latest UpdateBuilder in FinalBuilder - with different Global settings for the output format. So, no problem.

Ah, of course there is a problem using two latest versions of UpdateBuilder as both will use the same Global variable. I'll just use an old version of UpdateBuilder for non-unicode apps and the new version for 10.4 apps. It just means I'll get a 'Update to new version?' message every time I run the non-unicode version. Better than having to set the Global variable manually every time I run a different (unicode or non-unicode) FinalBuilder build